Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September Cooking Day - Let the Games Begin

So didn't get to cooking yesterday, instead ran some errands kid-less then hung out by the pool.  No regrets about that!  Therefore, after work today I came home spent time with the kids for homework and dinner.  Then while one was practicing piano and the other was playing I started.  I like to give myself a to do list to keep on track.  This helps so I can quickly look at what needs to be done, while something else is cooking.  So in 1.5 2  3 hours I have completed those that are crossed out. If you want to see what I am making see here. *Edit* I was finally able to get to the burritos on Saturday and they only took about 1/2 hour to complete 8.

Cook whole grain rice
Cook pasta
Boil chicken
Chop peppers
Chop onions
Cook peppers and onions
Mix and package Chicken Tetrazinni
Mix and package Cheesy Broccoli and Rice w/Chicken
Mix and package Southwest Roll-ups
Cook sausage - completed Saturday
Cook peppers - completed Saturday
Cook eggs - completed Saturday
Mix and package Breakfast burrito - completed Saturday
Blend oats
Mix and package Oatmeal Packets

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