Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer, no time for boredom!

Summer can be a time of fun or craziness.  We opt for the fun side!  We intentionally don't schedule things since our school year is always so crazy.  To help prevent the craziness, we started off the summer with the summer house rules that I framed and place in our foyer.  You can find the one I used here.

The kids will be working through Bob Jones Vacation Station to keep their minds fresh.  There are only a couple pages each day that they need to complete.  Since this is part of the curriculum they use at school, they are familiar with the layout.

Both of my kids love to read and I wanted them to continue throughout the summer and track what they complete.  To make it fun, I came across this Summer Reading Star set.  I have attached it to their chore boards.  It is cute and love the way they have them read different places for the bingo game!  And when they get a bingo, they get to pull a coupon.

Items we listed so far on the coupons are:

  1. box of favorite cereal
  2. front seat for the week
  3. favorite candy
  4. favorite meal
  5. swing & chat with Mom
  6. puzzle with Mom or Dad
  7. stay up with Mom and Dad
  8. 1/2 hour TV time
  9. favorite game time
  10. 1 chore done by Mom
  11. favorite snack
  12. Xbox for 1/2 hour
  13. 1/2 hour computer time
  14. walk with Mom or Dad
When they get a blackout, they get a golden ticket. So far we only have two Golden Tickets:
  1. trip to the Dollar Store
  2. play date

Now I know summer is a break from school, so they won't be only doing academic stuff!  In addition to our vacation, pool time, and Wednesday's with Daddy, since he is off on Wednesdays, we are going to use the Summer Bucket List for extra fun!

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