Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Menu Planning Made Easy

People ask me all the time how I can stay in our food budget.  One big thing has to do with menu planning, because it helps prevent unwanted spending based on not being prepared.  I used to put what we were having for each meal under each day.  Then I realized life gets crazy during the week with every one's schedules and sometimes what I had planned doesn't work with the day. 

I finally decided what I would do is, list what meals I would make for the week in a list.  Then I just make sure I have all the items on hand at the start of week, so I can adjust as need as the week goes on.  I cross out the meal we ate.  If for some reason plans change and we don't eat at home, I will just carry into the next week what we didn't prepare in the prior week. I was just writing it down on a piece of paper, when I game across this CUTE download created by My Computer is My Canvas.  I just printed, laminated, and it hangs on our pantry door.

I was on her site for a "Mommy's Homework" binder cover and I just fell in love with her site.  She has such great things to make your life fun and cute!

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