Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thrifty Thursday - Sears Kidvantage Program

So I was swamped with other duties and drawing a blank on what to do for today's write-up.  Then I saw information on Sears' Kidvantage Program from a reader of Money Saving Mom and thought how appropriate for today's idea. 

If you follow my blog, I wrote about Sports Authority's Sneaker Warranty.  This is a similar program, except it is free and only good on children's shoes and clothes.  The cool thing is you can earn coupons as well.

You must have your receipt for name brand items, but Sears brand you do not.  You just return an item if it is worn out, but this does not include staining.

We buy school uniforms from Sears, so in the future I will definitely be signing up for this program just in case.

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