Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thrifty Thursday - Sneaker Warranty?!

So I was talking the other day to my sister about this blog because she had been following it via Facebook and didn't realize that Mrs. P, was me ;-)  During this discussion she told me about her recent find that I couldn't pass up sharing for this week's Thrifty Thursday.

Sport's Authority offers an extended warranty on sneakers.  For a small fee, you can purchase an extended coverage for sneakers for an entire year.  You simply return the sneaks that are less than perfect and trade them for a new pair.  If the new pair is the same price no pay nothing.  If they are more expensive you pay the difference. The brochure says that the warranty covers "defects in materials and workmanship" including "normal wear and tear" such as "sole separation, seam rips and separation, fabric discoloration or color bleeding and broken fasteners (eyelet)."  If you exchange, you have to purchase a new plan with the next pair but I think it would be worth the investment.  The plan goes into effect after Sport's Authority's 30-day return policy.  The exceptions I saw included fire, theft, acts of God, invasion or act of foreign enemy, civil war, rebellion or civil commotion.

The breakdown for the plan is as follows:
If the shoes are $29.99 - $49.99 the plan costs $4.99
If the shoes are $50-$99.99 the plan costs $9.99
If the shoes are $100-$199.99 the plan costs $15.99

In my eyes not bad especially if you and/or kids are hard on your shoes. My first thought was my daughter who is REALLY hard on her sneakers.  I have bought expensive and cheap and she is equal opportunity wearer-outer.  I read some reviews online and it seems those that have used the service were happy and once you exchange you get a check in the mail for the cost of the original shoes.  That may deter some from participating, but not this thrifty shopper!

Has anyone reading this ever taken advantage of this program?

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  1. I have not yet. But this is one of the reasons that we love LL Bean. All their products are 100% guaranteed pretty much forever. We bought a sweater for Parker and after a few washes one of those tiny holes appeared. We took it in and they let us pick out a replacement. No questions asked and no receipt. Plus their clothes are always really good quality for the kids...this was an exception.

    Nice posts, Julie!!