Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thrifty Thursday - $5 Home Fixes

A friend forwarded me this great article.  After reading the article it reminded me of one of my favorite under $5 fixes - the Norwex Spirinetts!  The Spirinetts look like tiny balls of yarn, that are made of thin, flat, curly strands of rust-proof stainless steel. They are made for the kitchen, but I only use them in our shower.  They miraculously clean away soap scum with just water!  I have tried so many products on my shower and this is my favorite.  They can be used to get sticky residue off things along with scrubbing pans.

So for Thrifty Thursday this week, enjoy the article titled $5 Home Fixes to see what great ideas they have for under $5!

If you want please feel free to leave a comment of any great $5 or under home fixes you love.

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