Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thrifty Thursday - Activity Bags

This week's idea is a cheap way to entertain the kiddos in your family as most of you have them home for the summer and while traveling for vacation.  I came across this idea a couple years ago.  I thought what a great idea for traveling, while getting dinner ready, or talking on the phone, uninterrupted.  The original bags I made came from a website Activity Bags.  I did a swap with other moms.  We had 10 moms, so we each made 10 of the same activity.  Then we got together for a ladies night where we swapped the bags.  When we left we each had 10 different activities for our kids.  Each bag typically doesn't cost more than $1/bag.  I store these in our kitchen for easy access when I need some quiet time or during that witching hour of 5-6 pm for dinner preparation.  The great thing about the activity bags, is that they are self -guided.  Therefore most kids do not require assistance.

These bags got my head going with ideas of other ways to use the same concept.  I figured if I put one activity in one Ziploc, they could play with that, but it back, then get another bag out keeping the car tidy while traveling.  So for our beach vacation last year I looked in the kids room.  From this I came up with bags that included:
  1. View finder with slides
  2. Mini Doodle Board
  3. Coloring book with a couple crayons
  4. A couple reading books
  5. Leapster/Diji with games
  6. Mix Stix
  7. Sewing Kit
  8. Mr Potato Head with enough to make one full body
  9. Flash Cards
  10. Cars
  11. Some of their favorite DVDs
  12. Sweet Treat
  13. Water Bottles
  14. Snacks  

Once I figured out what activities, I purchased some plastic baskets from the dollar store and put all the bags in, then placed the baskets between the kids in the van.  I also included a bag of extra batteries, pencils, and scissors just in case.  It worked out fabulous and on the way down they never once asked to watch a movie.

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