Thursday, December 31, 2009

First Cooking Day...Success

I have decided to stop for the day. Since it is New Year's Eve and we will be going to a neighbor's house I will need to make something for that tonight. All in all I am very happy with how today went. In the end I was able to make:

1) 20 servings of pancakes
2) 21 servings of egg cups
3) 4 chicken tetrazinni meals
4) 4 freezer mashed potato sides
5) 2 NY strip marinating
6) 2 beef fajita meals
7) 1 chicken fajita meal
8) 1 roast marinating
9) 1 chicken cubed for Ritzy Chicken
10) 1 chicken cubed for Oriental Chicken Salad
11) 1 chicken stripes for Chicken Caesar Salad Wraps
12) 2 tupperware containers of granola
13) 3 taco meat meals
14) 2 ground beef for chili
15) Pot of Creamy Turkey Soup for dinner this evening

I didn't get to the muffins, texas french toast or pizza dough. The one thing I learned is I had too much planned for the day since I had to be somewhere. If I wasn't going anywhere tonight, I would continue and finish.

Now I have a packed freezer of ready to go meals. 14 breakfasts and 18 dinners. Once I do my other 3 tasks that will be a bonus. Not bad for 8 hrs of work. Now all I have to do is add vegetables and maybe a couple other things to make the meal complete.

My helper for the day who jumped in when needed!

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