Monday, May 16, 2011

Best Uniform Shoes, my opinion, now on SALE $11.24 TODAY!

So with this being the first year our daughter has been in a private school where a uniform is required, it has been interesting trying to match that with deals.  I have been overwhelmed by the ability to find all our needs at GREAT prices.  Since about a month ago, I am already done with next year's uniforms for our daughter and son due to the great sales that happened in the winter.  But today I would love to let you know about an essential shoe.  For my daughter, she likes different shoes, but I knew I wanted to find a uniform shoe that was sturdy enough for everyday.  She is very hard on her shoes and typically, whether I buy name brand or off brand sneakers, she wore holes in them quickly.  She also has a narrow foot.  I know Lands' End quality is great, but this year it proved it self by this Mary Jane Shoe.  It is great because it has a rubber sole, so she can run around at recess but yet it fits the uniform standard. I tell you all of this because it normally runs $39.50, but Lands' End has them on sale for $14.99!  This is a great deal for a great shoe that still is intact after a whole school year.   Even if you don't need them for uniform shoes, they are great for your little one.  They come in different colors and fabrics. The awesome thing about Lands' End is if they wore through, they would replace because of their warranty

They also have an additional 25% off everything, TODAY, using the Promotion Code: SAVE25 and PIN: 1455. 

Making these shoes $11.24 today only.

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