Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thrifty Thursday - Ebates

Ebates is an awesome site that goes right along with the mission of my blog.  We all shop and most do so online.  Well Ebates is way for you to cash in on the purchases made online.  Certain stores give you a percentage back when you go through EbatesEbates sends you a check, deposits into your PayPal account or donates to your favorite charity four times a year or more.

When I first went on I was amazed how easy it was.  You type in the store you want to go to, then you click search.  Ebates takes you right to the site and logs it, so when you place the order it will take the percentage of your order and place into your account.  Most are 2%, but the one I happen to go on was Old Navy and they were 10% at the time.  They also list sales going on, so for instance if a store is having 30% off they will have the code you should enter at checkout.

The other thing I loved is that they list the sites you frequent so if you click on "MyEbates" after logging in, you can see and just click from there.  The hardest thing to remember is to go to Ebates first before you start shopping, but after a couple times it becomes habit. 

If you want you can sign up here and get a bonus $5.  It is free and I don't know why anyone wouldn't sign up.

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