Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Coupon Box

I get my coupons from the Sunday paper. We subscribe to one paper and then I get other coupons from our free local paper, which I have found you can get copies from a local bank on Thursdays. I also get coupons from family members who don't use coupons. Online coupons are also available, just make sure your store accepts them. Your stores may also have coupons specific to their store. I signed up for emails from Food Lion, Safeway, Weis and Super Fresh. They email me each week with the coupons. I just print the ones I need. Safeway also has the ability to load the coupons right onto your savings card. Some online coupon sites that are reliable:


When you print from these websites, it will require you to install what they call a coupon printer, which is needed. A thing to remember is that when you hit the back arrow on your browser after printing your first set, it will usually keep printing until your limit is reached.

Once you get your coupons, what do you do with them now? I got this idea form Money Saving Mom. It is very economical and easy to get used to, you can see how to create this coupon box here. I have my box and then I have a smaller one that I have broken up into each store along with eateries. When I pull out coupons, I place behind the store so I can easily pull out at checkout. I also store my scissors, calculator and pen in this container. Below is a picture of both of my containers.

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